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Private Label Manufacturing

We’ll let you in on a top industry secret. Some of the most popular products sold in stores or online are private labeled. Now, what does this mean exactly? Let’s start at the beginning. 

The words white label and private label oftentimes get used interchangeably. However, the two have major differences that are important for brands looking to create a makeup line, or are searching for custom gummy candy manufacturers, for example, to understand before deciding on the best white or private label cosmetics manufacturer for them. 

What is White Labeling?

White label manufacturing is when a brand uses an existing formulation in their products. This is incredibly common and many customers are surprised to learn that their $90 designer face lotion is the same formulation as the $10 drug store version. 

Here’s the lowdown on white label:

  • Products are manufactured for multiple brands 

  • Can't make changes to the product, but can brand it 

  • Fastest way to enter the market 

  • Product prices are usually lower for the consumer 

  • More affordable option for brands than creating their own lab and/or private label formulations

What is Private Labeling?

If you are seeking private label cosmetics manufacturer on the other hand, you are outsourcing the creation of an exclusive formulation for a product you want to sell. 


Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are a skincare company looking to drop a new eye cream this summer that has a formulation never seen before. This is when a brand would source cosmetic manufacturers to private label the new product.

If you’re in the market for a private label skin care manufacturer, here are a few key points to keep in mind: 

  • ​Products are manufactured exclusively for one brand

  • ​Products have the ability to modify the formulation to develop a unique product

  • May take longer to create due to utilizing various supply chains

  • Price points are typically higher for the consumer due to the added development and custom creation on the backend

  • More affordable option for brands than creating their own lab and hiring a team of scientists

Choosing the Best Private Label Manufacturing

When it comes to choosing the best private label manufacturer for your needs, you should think of the bigger picture. Are you just wanting one eye cream to be created that only requires a private label skin care manufacturer? Or is this an entire line of products that include makeup as well? What about cosmetics that are hemp-derived? Then you might need a private label tincture manufacturer.

Usually, all of these would take place at different manufacturers due to the complexity. However, e2e is actually a unicorn in this situation and is able to provide private label services for an array of needs. 

Whatever direction you go with, be sure to read our blog, Compliance Standards to Look Out for When Choosing a Manufacturer, to make sure you are creating the partnership your brand deserves.

Endless Private Label Possibilities

When you choose to work with e2e, you are entering into a realm of endless possibilities for your brand. We can be your partner as a private label skincare manufacturer, private label cosmetic manufacturer or even your custom gummy candy manufacturer. With our team of dedicated experts your brand's entire product line can be created under one roof.

Overseas vs USA Private Label Manufacturing 

Many brands decide to go overseas to private label their product formulations. However, choosing one of the best private label cosmetics manufacturers in the USA allows brands to more easily meet strict FDA standards. 

Working with a USA-based manufacturer also allows for close partnerships to form more easily -  something incredibly important in the formulation process and one that e2e takes seriously.

Are you ready to hire a private label manufacturer?

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