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Cosmetic Formulation Lab

The Formation of Cosmetic Formulations

When we talk about the cosmetic formulation of skin care products, we are really discussing the ins and outs of how a product is created. From colors to fragrance and pretty much everything in between, formulations are all around us. However, even though they are commonplace, they take a lot of thought, science and patience to perfect. Good ingredients don’t come easy, which is why finding a trusted partner in this space is vital.

I Want Cosmetic Formulation Services. What is my First Step?

First things first, you need to have a lab. Whether it’s through a private label manufacturer, like e2e, or something your organization builds, having access to formulation services that include a team of ingredient experts is the initial step to creating a skin care product with trusted ingredients that consumers love. 

What are Cosmetic Formulation Services?

When you partner with a lab that is an expert in the cosmetic product formulation industry, you are taking that initial leap to the creation of quality products that your customers will continue coming back for. When you find a partner that understands what ingredients work well together and can make your vision a reality, the entire process is seamless and the time to market is cut drastically. 


With that said, not all labs are created equal so it is important to do research and find the best partner for your goals. 

Why is Partnering with a Lab Crucial? 

The reason why a skilled, trusted and proven cosmetic formulation lab is so important is two fold. One, you likely want to be able to offer effective and quality products for your customers and second, you want to be able to get to market faster with less risk. Finding a trusted partner like e2e means you are working hand in hand with experts who understand ingredients, timelines and more, which in turn makes your job easier. We call that a win-win. 

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages? 

Overall, the positives of working with a lab to create your custom skin care products outweigh the negatives, but as with anything custom, formulations that are tailor made to your specifications and needs are more expensive than white labeling them. Let’s dive a bit more into this.




Team of expert ingredient formulators

Custom formulations can be expensive to create

Lower overhead cost & less risk than creating your own lab

Can involve a timeframe of trial and error

Complete control over the product development

Additional stability testing is required

Ownership of custom formulation

It might take some time to find the right partner

Get products to market quicker

What is the Process?

While the process for every brand is different and based on individual needs, below is an overall idea of what to expect.



Once you decide to work with a lab, it is time to put some faces to names. We want to ensure everything is as envisioned from the start, which means detailed conversations on expectations, wants and needs.

Here’s how it works: e2e will first send you a new client questionnaire in order to determine order specifications and any other pertinent items/questions. Then, we will the gather up the team for a conference call to determine project viability and establish next steps.



Next comes the actual formulation of product. Our team of skilled scientists and formulators take their expert knowledge in the ingredients space to craft a product sample that is ready for the next step.



Once a formulation is complete, it is important to test the product to ensure it is the correct consistency, smell, color and has the overall desired effect.


Making Cosmetics Formulas

Once the product is approved, it is ready to go into production. This is the exciting final step with the formulation lab where you get to see your product become reality. Now, some parters stop right there, but e2e actually has packaging services complete with skilled graphic designers who can make your new product stand out.



Next comes the actual formulation of product. Our team of skilled scientists and formulators take their expert knowledge in the ingredients space to craft a product sample that is ready for the next step.

Again, each formulation for cosmetics is unique to the needs of the brands but in general, you can expect a lead time of 3-6 month from initial introduction to the completion of manufacturing.

Now that you’re an expert on cosmetic formulation companies and how e2e can help, let’s get started! 

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