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Packaging Consultant

Whether your brand is looking for a unique component or standardized packaging, e2e has a team of packaging consultants ready to meet your visionary goals. If this term is new to you, don’t worry, we’re going to break it down.

What is a packaging consultant and who needs one?

A packaging consultant is an industry expert who assists businesses with:

  • Packaging design and development

  • Packaging optimization

  • Packaging compliance

  • Packaging testing

  • Packaging sourcing

  • Packaging analysis

In other words, packaging consultants help bring your product to the market, from conceptualization to distribution.


Any business that doesn’t have the resources to create or experience in product packaging should seriously consider contracting a packaging design consultant. Even well-developed brands can benefit from packaging consulting services if they have more unique needs, such as:


  • Developing environmentally-friendly packaging

  • Optimizing packaging cost and quality

  • Remediating damage

  • Packaging audits

  • Brand extension


The biggest benefit to contracting a packaging consultant is operational savings. Because packaging consultants have experience in the field, they understand how to minimize inefficiencies to save hidden costs. This doesn’t just include the packaging design itself, but the entire packaging supply chain– from supply procurement to manufacturing. Businesses that utilize packaging consulting have saved money through:


  • Ocean and air freight savings by building compact or lightweight packages

  • Product protection to minimize product damage, returns, and refunds

  • Increasing packaging reuse in distribution centers

  • Reducing the production cost for each unit

When is it time to get a packaging consultant?

If you are a new brand and feel completely lost when it comes to packaging, who should consider hiring a consultant. There are many moving parts when it comes to creating and sourcing materials for product packaging and, unless you have experience, it can significantly elongate the time it takes to enter your product into the market. 


However, there are several telltale signs that mean it’s time to consult a packaging professional, such as:


  • Poor packaging performance

  • Increased product damage 

  • Increased packaging costs

  • Minimal supply chain transparency

  • Increased product waste

  • Challenging material procurement


If your business is experiencing any of these issues, e2e has you covered. Here at e2e, we have a team of experienced consultants that are ready to fulfill your product packaging needs. Choose from our wide range of ready-made packages, or work with our team to develop a custom design that better suits your brand.

What is the Process?

While the process for every brand is different and based on individual needs, below is an overall idea of what to expect.



The first step is to outline a general plan. This will include a project brief, workload allocation, and other logistical planning.



Then, if you are looking to build custom packaging, it is time to start designing. In this phase, you will cover the design concept, component specifications, and packaging development guidelines.



Once the design has gone through a final review, it needs to go through a qualification procedure. This ensures that the packaging goes through the proper tests and meets regulation requirements.



At this point, the standard operating procedures to manufacture the packing are outlined and production can begin. Any final specifications and additional quality procedures are also implemented.



Now it is just a matter of periodic reviews to maintain compliance and packaging quality. Some businesses make the mistake of skipping this step. However, by actively maintaining your packaging, you may discover new ways to optimize costs, quality, and space.

Want to learn more about our packaging services?

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