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Top Things to Look For in a Manufacturing Partner

Selecting a manufacturing partner can prove to be a challenging process. Many business owners go through years of trial and error with various companies, losing valuable time and money. You can eliminate this hurdle by considering these five things when selecting a manufacturer to create and formulate your products.


Working with an established partner ensures reliability and offers a proven track record of products that work. It’s important to know what kinds of brands they currently work with as well as if any retailers or third-party certifiers have done audits of their facility and products. Knowing that others in the industry trust your manufacturer can give you peace of mind in knowing you’ve selected the right partner.

Facility Capabilities

While smaller facilities may seem more eager to work with you, it’s important to consider the future of your brand and the facility’s ability to increase production capacity on a long term basis. Selecting a manufacturer who can’t scale alongside your business could hinder your overall company growth.

Ideally, your partner facility can offer lower minimum quantity options for new SKUs with the ability to produce at scale as demand dictates. These types of facilities can also allude to having a more established presence in the industry and greater experience.


You will also want to look for any certifications and third-party audits that can testify to the quality of products being produced in their facility. Highly sought-after certifications include HACCP, NSF/ANSI and GMP, among others.

Value-add Services

One way to lower costs, streamline production, and reduce delivery times is to select manufacturers that offer a suite of support services. These services could include product formulation development, graphic and packaging design, or fulfillment.

Communication and Flexibility

At the end of the day, you need a partner and not just a supplier. A great partner is responsive and seeks to find solutions with you, not just make a sale. During the early stages of research, consider how quickly they are responding to your inquiries, if they are giving you personalized feedback or recommendations and if your conversations feel genuine. Quality and capabilities are important, but relationships play a key role in building a successful brand.

Ready to take the next step in selecting a manufacturer?

From white label to private label creations, e2e offers customized formulations through a collaborative product development process to craft your products specific to your vision and brand. Learn more about our services or contact us today to get started.



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