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4 Graphic Design Tips for Beauty Product Packaging

If you’re launching a beauty brand for the first time or looking to refresh an existing one, your products’ packaging is crucial and offers a unique opportunity to immediately connect with your target consumer. Different price points, target age range and type of product can all convey a different message. If you’re looking to find the right balance and create a package that speaks to your audience, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four graphic design tips for beauty product packaging.

Know Your Consumer

Knowing your target consumer is the first step in developing your beauty product packaging. Key demographic categories may include gender, age and income. These factors will determine how you build your designs. Pops of color and sparkle may appeal to a younger, female audience while a clean design with a masculine touch would better suit a male skincare line. Once you’ve outlined your target consumer and their interests, you can better build a package that is sure to catch their attention.

Thoughtfully Choose Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are a direct reflection of your brand as well as what matters to your consumer. Are you environmentally conscious? Sustainable packaging may be the most important aspect when selecting materials. Are you a high-end, glamor beauty line? Luxe packaging with special features like embossing will add value as anything that feels “cheap” could negatively affect how potential consumers view your brand.

Sometimes Less is More

While the latest trends can be appealing and work for your brand, you may also want to consider a less-is-more approach. Timeless beauty product packaging can limit the need for future redesigns and unwanted expenses. It will also allow you to build a consistent brand that consumers will easily recognize and trust.

Know Your Industry Requirements

Every industry has its own regulations, it’s important to understand any rules as it relates to font sizing, disclaimers, ingredients and more. When designing, be sure to leave space to allow for these items without sacrificing legibility.

Need Help Getting Started With Your Beauty Product Packaging?

As part of our white and private label services, e2e also offers graphic design services. Our team can help you make edits to existing designs or build your branding from scratch. Contact us today to get started!



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