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Beauty Trends to Look for in 2023

We are entering an era of minimalist beauty. From skincare to makeup, consumers are straying away from the dramatic, extensive beauty routines of the past years and leaning towards simplicity. If you are looking to extend your product lines, consider these emerging beauty trends in 2023.

Emerging Skincare Ingredients

Gone are the days when consumers simply purchased skincare products because of their claimed benefits. Modern consumers care about the formula of their products and even seek out specific ingredients. A search study performed by Trendalytics found a list of raw materials consumers have been increasingly searching for that every cosmetic brand should have in their products. If you are extending your skincare line in 2023, consider incorporating the following ingredients:

  • Copper peptides

  • L-glutamine

  • Mamey sapote

  • Kojic acid

  • Tripeptides

  • Microalgae

  • Alkaline water

  • Niacinamides

  • Bukuchiol

Stead-fast Skincare Ingredients

There are still some tried and true ingredients that are sure to stick around in the new year. Here are some safe-bet ingredients to keep in your skincare products in 2023:

  • Winter cherry

  • Snail mucin

  • Polyglutamic acid

  • Rosemary acid

  • Pro-retinol

  • Tremella mushroom

  • Ceramide

Tinted Sunscreen

The “simpler makeup” fad that emerged in 2022 is predicted to continue in the new year. Cosmetic users are putting down heavy foundations and reaching for tinted sunscreens and moisturizers for a more natural look. This is not just in an effort to avoid heavy topical products, but also to protect the skin from UV and other health risks.

Cream Concealer

Those looking for a fuller coverage beauty product are reaching for cream concealers over dry products. Beauty consumers find this product more versatile and are using it to replace traditional color correctors.

Loose Powder

Compact powder may be a thing of the past. Makeup artists and enthusiasts alike are now favoring loose powders to set their makeup. In an array of finishes, loose powders can have a satin, glowy, or mattifying effect.

Cream Blush

Cream blushes, both in stick and jar form, won the hearts of beauty influencers recently. Since their emergence, many cosmetic consumers have implemented them in their everyday makeup routines. This has beauty companies trying to perfect their product formulations for the new year.

Lip Balm

Keeping with the simpler makeup trend, lip balm is projected to surpass traditional lipsticks this year. Many are pairing lip balms with lip liners to achieve the “lived-in lip” rather than the harsher, bolder color that lipsticks give. Beauty enthusiasts also love lip balm for its moisturizing properties.

“Clean” Beauty

Lastly, consumers are looking for clean beauty products in general, from their formulations to their packaging. From basic ingredients to recyclable components, brands are tweaking their products to be “greener.”

Are you ready to hop on these beauty trends?

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